SC Reboot proposes price schemes adapted to your needs and budget, from simple bundles (see examples below) to configurations tailored by chosing the necessary features to be activated over time to match the specificities of your Shopping Center or retailers’ grouping.

Services Starter Pack Medium Pack Full Pack
Site-web-responsif Responsive Web Site check check check
Pages-commerçants Store Pages check check check
Prise-de-rendez-vous In-store Appointments’ Scheduling check check check
Plan-interactif Interactive Plan   check check
Digital-Showrooms Digital Showrooms check check
J’arrive,-pouvez-vous-faire-ça-pour-moi «Can You Do This For Me?» check check
LookBooks-utilisateurs User Lookbooks check check
Espaces-Communautés Community Spaces check check
Gestion-des-services-aux-clients-du-centre Customer Care Services Management check check
Réservation-de-restaurants Restaurants Booking check check
Application-mobile Mobile Application check check
Module-d’engagement-et-de-fidélité Engagement and Loyalty check
Diffusion-de-messages-géolocalisée Location-based Broadcast Communication check
Quizz-profils Match Maker Surveys check
Collecte-et-gestion-de-données Data Collection and Management check
Infos-Parking Parking Info check
Vente-en-ligne-click&collect Click&Collect On-line Sale check
Et-plus-encore-à-suivre…And more to follow… check
Example of pricing for a small group up to 20 stores:
One-time Set-Up Fee € 1.900 without tax
Operation and Maintenance Monthly Fee € 490 without tax per month


1,900 € HT
490 € HT/month
contact us
contact us
(prices vary depending
on features and
number of stores
(prices vary depending
on features and
number of stores